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Our Vision:

When the best train and play with the best there is a benefit that goes beyond rapid growth and improvement. A brotherhood is forged along the journey of sacrificing for your dreams and goals. Everybody involved in the development of these young people know that those who work the hardest in this life will be the last to surrender and give in to mediocrity. Every rep on the court and every step you take in life is important.

It is our goal that everyone involved with PHH will epitomize the traits of a champion. The traits of passion, purpose, sacrifice, commitment, trust, loyalty, family first, faith in God and the belief in something greater than themselves. We want people to say that even when they lose…they win. We must always remember that success is never permanent and failure is never fatal.

3 Academy Rules:

  • Be comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • Don’t be afraid to make a mistake.
  • Promote positivity.

Within this family there will be individual responsibility, shared suffering, collective pride, shared ownership and an absence of special privileges.


Our Program: Based on values of family, successful attitudes, and team chemistry.

1. Family: we believe in unconditional support, love, trust and discipline.

2. Attitude: we embrace toughness as a talent, selflessness, humility, and a passion to be difference makers.

3. Chemistry: we teach team attitude, we define roles, set goals, and we will use adversity as an asset.